Written By: Rob Nahoopii

This week marks exactly one year since Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions became a member of the SpendMend team.  If I think back to that hectic time surrounding our transition, I remember sharing the news with several colleagues.  Everyone was supportive but they all asked a similar question, “why make this move in the middle of a pandemic?”

The answer is simple… joining SpendMend enables us to grow faster, to reach more broadly, and to do much more for Covered Entities.

For nearly a decade, Turnkey has been recognized as the industry’s premier supplier of 340B compliance and optimization services.  But I always knew we could do more, and I knew that with a large client base and a great reputation, SpendMend was the right group to facilitate our growth and increase our impact on the market.

It’s been a year now, and despite the difficult circumstances facing hospitals and clinics we have been able to expand our world-class team and serve many more Covered Entities.  We’re extremely proud of the work we do to ensure 340B compliance and to drive a material decrease in annual drug spend for our clients.

The decision to join SpendMend has also come with other critical benefits relating to our product roadmap.  In the last quarter alone, we’ve been able to expedite the development and release of two new solutions to deliver even more value to our clients.

  • 340B Referral Capture ensures that all referral captures will meet compliance testing during a HRSA audit.  We help covered entities identify all existing opportunities, while capturing new opportunities as well.
  • 340B Staff Augmentation helps covered entities manage 340B compliance when staff members are on extended leave, when key positions are vacant or hard to fill, and when new positions are filled but no one is available to train.

If you have any questions about Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions,  SpendMend, or our solutions please reach out to me or any member of the team.  We know how difficult it can be, as a Covered Entity, to manage your 340B Program and we are here to answer your questions and to help whenever possible.