Don’t Miss Out On These Resources

The 340B Program is complicated. It’s intimidating, and let’s be honest, at times downright confusing, for newcomers and veterans alike. Those of us in the 340B world know that managing a successful 340B Program requires the juggling of what feels like a million things at once. Between keeping up with state Medicaid requirements, HRSA audit preparation, multiple third-party administrators, NDC crosswalks and formularies, OPAIS registrations, and beyond, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why we at Turnkey are committed to trying our very best to make your lives just a tiny bit easier. Today, we’re doing that by providing a list of some of the best resources in the industry (besides us of course). We encourage you to take advantage of all of these wonderful resources so that you can take your 340B Program to the next level.

  1. HRSA (free):
    1. 340B Drug Pricing Program
    2. HRSA Program Integrity Page (aka audit results)
  2. Apexus:
    1. Free Resources:
      • 340B University on Demand”: 340B modules which are recommended for staff working closely with the 340B Program.
      • Apexus Universities (live and virtual sessions) focused on hot topics and 340B basics.
      • Apexus Answers: Email, Phone, or Chat with an Apexus staff member about any 340B questions you have.
      • HRSA FAQs, published by Apexus.
    2. Paid Resources:
  3. NACHC (for grantees):
    1. Free Resources:
      • NACHC 340B Website and Office Hours: Grantee related news and resources can be found on the NACHC website. Office hours occur on the 3rd Thursday of the month, covering hot topics with Q&A and expert speakers.
      • Noddlepod: A forum exclusively for covered entities. A great way to keep a pulse on the 340B Program and share with peers. Noddlepod can be accessed by emailing Colleen Meiman.
    2. Paid Resources:
      1. National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) released an updated edition (2018) of their 340B Manual for FQHCs
  4. 340B Health (for hospitals):
    1. Free Resources:
      • 340B Exchange: A forum for covered entities to discuss hot topics, get feedback from peers, and keep up to date with industry developments.
  5. 340B Report: Resource for breaking news about 340B. Previously free, will be subscription based starting in 2021.
  6. 340B Coalition:
    • 340B Coalition Conference (paid)There is a 340B Coalition in the winter (San Diego) and summer (Washington D.C.). These conferences are great places to network with peers, meet various vendors in the 340B industry, stay up to date with industry developments, and attend exclusive entity specific breakout sessions.