Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Reeve

Spring is in the air and that means so is another edition of the Employee Spotlight Series! This time, the spotlight is on the incredible Chelsea Reeve! Chelsea has been working at SpendMend since August of 2020 but has worked at Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, A SpendMend Company, since 2016. We had multiple co-workers tell us that we had to feature her for a spotlight post because she is such a fun, lively, energetic person. That is certainly true, and we found out first-hand how Chelsea’s positive energy is contagious! We asked Chelsea about her hobbies and she told us how she loves traveling, going outside, and spending as much time with friends and family as possible. Chelsea has actually been to 47 different states! She plans on checking off the last 3 states within the next couple of years. While Chelsea has been all over the U.S, she has also been to several different countries as well! Read the interview below to see what countries Chelsea has visited in her travels. Another interesting fact about Chelsea is that she collects heart-shaped rocks. Her collection consists of over 200! Make sure to read the interview to find out how Chelsea got started with her collection. It truly is a heart-warming story you won’t want to miss! Chelsea does an awesome job as Director of Operations for SpendMend Pharmacy and her work doesn’t go unnoticed. Rob Nahoopii, SVP of SpendMend Pharmacy, said “Chelsea is our Pharmacy Anchor and Traffic Controller. She provides stability for our clients and she works tirelessly to keep our team busy and where they need to be. She also has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She loves all those around her and our team and clients can feel that. We would not have made it this far without her.” Chelsea is an amazing individual and is such a joy to work with. Thank you for everything, Chelsea!
Interview with Chelsea:
What is your role at SpendMend?
Director of Operations (SpendMend Pharmacy)
How long have you been with SpendMend?
Since August 2020.
How did you first learn about SpendMend?
When Rob Nahoopii and Rich Iverson called me to tell me about the acquisition!
What 3 words would you use to describe SpendMend?
Friendly, Helpful, Family
Why do you look forward to coming to work?
I love making a difference and being a support to those that need me.
Before working at SpendMend, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I was a Program Director at a treatment center for girls for 9 years and did everything from running group sessions to tackling runaways on the side of the road! It was the hardest and most demanding job I ever had, but also the most rewarding!
How did you become the assistant program director at the treatment center? 
This was definitely a wonderful job!  As I was getting my social work degree, I was hired as a shift supervisor at this treatment center.  I moved into the Assistant Program Director position shortly after and was trained as a medical technician so I could pass out the medications to the girls when the nurse was on vacation or if emergencies arose.  I then was asked to take on the Human Resource Director position so I could hire all the employees for our center.  It was such a growing experience for me and so much fun to do so many different jobs.  I still filled in for the nurse and for the supervisors on occasion because I missed working closely with the girls.  I knew and was connected to every person at that facility and I loved feeling like I was making a difference for our girls and for our employees.  I was really successful in deescalating the girls and was able to attend several trainings including Mandt and other Positive Control System trainings so I could then do quarterly trainings with our employees on ways to deescalate situations when the girls became hostile or violent so that it hopefully did not escalate to a hold.  But I have a few scars from some situations that got a little too hostile.  I have probably put close to 100 girls in holds as a way to deescalate the situation and keep the girls from harming themselves or our employees.
What is one fun fact about you?
I collect heart shaped rocks!
How many heart shaped rocks do you have in your collection and where do you go to look for heart shaped rocks? 
This is a great question!  My mom started collecting heart shaped rocks, so I started collecting them for her and then realized I wanted to collect them for myself, because it was just so miraculous when I would find one.  I’ve been collecting them for about 6 years now.  I honestly find them anywhere and everywhere.  When I go on a trip, I always find one as a souvenir and then write on the back of it the date and where I found it.  I find them on hikes, the beach, trails, in parking lots, on mountain tops, in oceans, etc.  It is crazy how often I come across them.  They are everywhere!  When my Mom passed away almost 3 years ago, she gave each one of us a heart shaped rock from her collection and said that anytime we find a heart shaped rock, it is her saying hello.  Our whole family has had some tender experiences around heart shaped rocks since my Mom has passed away. I have never counted my heart shaped rocks, but I could safely say I have over 200 of them right now ranging from large boulders to tiny hearts that fit on my fingertip. In my landscaping this year, I am creating a little heart shaped rock garden to put them all.  We’ll see how it turns out!
What type of music or podcasts do you listen to during the workday?
I love all kinds of music but while I am working I love easy listening like Whitney Houston, Journey, and all country music! I love Thomas Rhett, Rascal Flatts, Dan + Shay and the list goes on! I love self-help podcasts, but I can’t listen to them during the workday because I can’t focus on what they are saying. I have a lot of podcasts that I subscribe to, but a few are the Rachel Cruze Show and pretty much all the other Ramsey personalities.
Do you have any hobbies or participate in any activities outside of work?
Before coronavirus I would say I love traveling, being outside, serving others and spending a lot of time with friends and family! Since the coronavirus, I like going on walks alone, finding a good home project to work on, FaceTime family and binge-watching fun shows.
What are some of your favorite tv shows to binge watch?  
Some of my favorite shows over the years have been NCIS, White Collar, The Night Shift, Madam Secretary, Royal Pains, Sweet Magnolias, The Rookie, Castle and all the Marvel movies and shows.  Let’s not forget anything Disney! I like to watch fun and lighter things and one that are a little cleaner in their content if that is possible.
What are some places you like to travel to?
I love going places I haven’t been.  I have a map in my office with pins that locate places I have traveled and places I want to travel.  I have been to 47 states in the United States and plan to hit my last 3 within the next couple years.  I love traveling out of the country, with people I feel safe with.  I get scared if I don’t know the language of the country I am traveling to.  I went on a cruise starting in Rome and went around the Italy boot to Venice and hit 5 countries along the way.  I have also traveled to St. Kitts, Dominican Republic, beaches in Mexico, Bahamas, and have a trip to Peru planned in July!  I love discovering the world!
What was the best compliment you’ve ever been paid by a client or supplier?
My favorite compliment was regarding our entire team. The client emailed me last year and said, “It’s so weird, I’m in Bend and the whole state is burning with wildfires, the air quality is hazardous it feels like an alien planet here…Turnkey is like a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate!” I love this client and just appreciated the time she took to send this over just because!
Would you like to give a shout out to a client or supplier?
I don’t know how I would give a shout out to just one client! Our clients are some of the most loyal and dedicated individuals! They work long and hard hours to ensure the care of those that live in the communities they serve in! They are all my heroes!
Do you want to shout out a co-worker who has helped or inspired you at SpendMend?
Once again, how do you choose just one? Every person I have met and know their name has meant something to me! Rob Nahoopii would be the one person that I would have to give a shout out to! Rob saw my potential while I was working with him at the hospital and brought me on with Turnkey when the time was right. He has always believed in me and inspired me to reach the potential that he knew I had. I have always tried to live up to that!
What is the best part of serving the healthcare market?
We get to help take care of those that take care of the everyone else!
What advice do you have for perspective candidates who want to join the SpendMend team?
SpendMend is like an extended family!