Happy Friday! We hope you are ready and geared up for Memorial Day weekend! To kick off the long holiday weekend, we wanted to first tell you a little bit about Jasmine Muniz-Cadorette! Jasmine is a 340B Consultant and joined the SpendMend team after the acquisition of Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions last summer. We had several people nominate Jasmine for the employee spotlight series and thought it would be a great idea to give everyone a little glimpse at what makes her so great! Jasmine attended the College of New Jersey before graduating and starting her career. She went to college out east, but now resides in the Mile-High city. Something interesting about Jasmine is that she is a Ballroom Dancer! Jasmine started Ballroom dancing last year and really found that she enjoys it. If you have any questions about learning the Waltz or how to Tango, I’m sure Jasmine is the one to ask! Some other activities Jasmine really enjoys is playing tennis and reading books! Jasmine plays in two different tennis leagues located in Colorado and tries to read one book every week. Sometime in the near future, Jasmine would love to travel to Scotland and see the culture, architecture and beautiful scenery! Jasmine does a wonderful job for us as our 340B Consultant, and we had several co-workers tell us how great it is having Jasmine on the team. One quote really stood out to us and we thought it did a great job describing the type of person Jasmine really is. Chelsea Reeve, Director of Operations and former employee spotlight star, said “Jasmine is constantly surprising me with how amazing she is!  She is all about self progression and she pushes herself daily to become a better person in every aspect of her life.  I am always in awe of what she fits into her week with work and in her personal life!  She is active, fun, kind, extremely helpful, hard-working, generous, thoughtful, outgoing, adventurous, family-focused, a wonderful friend and simply AMAZING!  We are so blessed to have her on our team!  She always goes above and beyond in everything asked of her!  We are always impressed with what she brings to our team!”. Thanks for the quote, Chelsea! We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Having people like Jasmine on our team is what makes SpendMend great! Thank you for all your hard work, Jasmine! We appreciate everything you do!

Interview with Jasmine:

What is your role at SpendMend?
340B Consultant
How long have you been with SpendMend?
Turnkey since June 2019
How did you first learn about SpendMend?
Turnkey acquisition! ? Learned about Turnkey through their stellar reputation in the 340B industry.
What 3 words would you use to describe SpendMend?
Family, Integrity, Experts
Why do you look forward to coming to work?
My colleagues are amazing- I learn something new every day and everyone is so willing to lend a helping hand. I also love our clients, it’s very rewarding to help them work through challenges and to see their confidence in their 340B Programs grow from year to year.
Before working at SpendMend, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
Worked at Trader Joe’s while attending university!
What type of music or podcasts do you listen to during the workday?
My brain is terrible at multi-tasking, so no music or podcasts during work hours for me. After hours, though, I like to listen to a bit of everything! My favorite artists are Loreena McKennitt, CAAMP, Kaleo, and ABBA. But I regularly listen to country, classical, opera, disco, dance and everything in between!
Do you have any hobbies or participate in any activities outside of work?
Yes, I play tennis on two leagues in Colorado, I ballroom dance, and I read almost a book a week!
Can you describe an interaction when you helped a client or a supplier that stands out in your mind?
I love working with clients who are new to 340B. I’ve worked with several clients over the past two years who have grown tremendously in their understanding of 340B, and who have drastically improved the compliance of their 340B Programs. Helping clients build a 340B Program from the bottom up is such a fun challenge!
What was the best compliment you’ve ever been paid by a client or supplier?
Several clients have sent emails to Chelsea, our Director of Operations, with the kindest messages. It always warms my heart when those messages are shared. Of course, one of the greatest compliments is when our clients recommend us to other covered entities.
Would you like to give a shout out to a client or supplier?
It would be impossible to pick one client. I’d like to dedicate my shout out to all of my clients- you are all fabulous! Thank you for continuing to work with us and for inspiring us every day with the work you do.
What is the best part of serving the healthcare market?
Two things stand out. The first is that it is incredibly rewarding to know that the work you do has a significant impact on the quality of someone’s life. Healthcare is a very sensitive and stressful subject for many. Being able to dedicate my time to making healthcare more accessible, even if by the smallest amount, is truly inspiring and fulfilling.
What is your favorite in house event? (specific potluck, chili cook-off, bring your kid to work day, etc.)
I do love a good potluck!
Do you want to shout out a co-worker who has helped or inspired you at SpendMend? 
It’s impossible to shout out only one co-worker. I’d like to shout out all of my coworkers for not only inspiring me, but for being so willing to lend a helping hand and for motivating me every day. We have such a wonderful team that’s more like a family, which makes getting up to work every day very easy!
What advice do you have for prospective candidates who want to join the SpendMend team?
I would say that our team fosters an environment that allows for creativity and constant improvements, which is loads of fun. It allows for us to break up the auditing work with creative projects that can help propel the whole team forward.
What has been your proudest accomplishment at SpendMend?
I’m proud to have the privilege of being part of such a high performing team. All of my colleagues keep me on my toes, and we are always bouncing ideas off of each other. Something that I’ve worked on that I am proud of is the automation of our report writing process, which, despite still being an evolving project, is something that has helped me save significant hours.
What is something you’re looking forward to for your future at SpendMend? 
I’m excited for the future with SpendMend. Our team is working diligently to find the best services to bring to the table for our clients, and I am looking forward to seeing how these expanded services can benefit current and future clients.

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