What is Dark Data? 

Information embedded in the procure to pay process that is not easily visible and sometimes not even accessible. 

Why is Dark Data a concern for my health system? 

The number one concern about Dark Data is that it leads to Financial Leakage a.k.a. lost money. There is not a single health system in the country that has extra money to spare and not care about, although, everyone tends to lose track now and then.  

Dark Data hides in many places throughout the Procure-to-Pay, pharmacy, wireless device management, and tax lifecycles. It is buried within your procurement system, contracts, item files, return modules, supplier records and within your own accounts payable system. 

Dark Data also exists within your supplier’s data. For example; your supplier’s Dark Data could include improperly billing of tier prices or not crediting a return to your account. Very few members in your health system have access to both your data and supplier data. Only someone with access to contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and payment would be able to see any Financial Leakage hidden in the unseen Dark Data.  

The best way to shine light upon your Dark Data and create visibility begins with starting a recovery project. A recovery audit can show you where Financial Leakage is occurring as well as where you are being successful.