IT Optimization
Comprehensive IT Cost Reduction & Performance Improvement
Demands on health systems' Information Technology (IT) teams continue to grow exponentially. ERP and EMR implementations, integrations accompanying mergers and acquisitions, and securing an ever-expanding digital footprint are just a few of the challenges being faced by these teams - all while keeping the environment secure and running smoothly. Over time, these demands have forced many health systems to focus on ensuring coverage vs. optimization, ultimately leaving significant dollars on the table. SpendMend partners with our clients to help optimize their IT environment.
5 Immediate Steps to Reduce Costs
IT Optimization Overview
Our Approach
Our comprehensive lifecycle approach separates vendors and products into discreet categories including (but not limited to):

Category Savings Estimate: 5-15%

- Acute
- Ambulatory EMR
- ERP/Finance
- Revenue Cycle
- Microsoft

Category Savings Estimate: 10-25%

- Hardware/Software
- Storage
- Disaster Recovery
- Security
- Client Devices
- Data Center/Hosting

Category Savings Estimate: 10-25%

- Professional Svcs.
- Maintenance
- Help Desk
- Outsourcing
- Managed Print
- Workforce

Category Savings Estimate: 10-25%

- Voice, Data, & Internet
- Wireless
- Digital Front Door
- Conferencing
- PBXes
- Collaboration

Why SpendMend?
We’ve spent 28 years dedicated to healthcare and, in that time, we’ve learned that every healthcare organization is different. Let us apply our in-depth industry knowledge to customize an approach that will help to optimize your IT costs.
Finding the Hidden Savings
in the IT Organization
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