Are You At Risk For Significant Penalties And Fees?

What you need to know: The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in conjunction with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) have announced their intention to recoup over $1 Billion in improper payments over the next couple of years. Your organization will likely fall within their scope of review. It’s crucial that hospitals properly report warranty credits they receive from vendors for medical devices that fail or are recalled. Failure to comply could lead to significant bottom line loss from OIG fines, penalties and even potential jail time for hospital executives for Medicare Fraud.

A $30 Billion Dollar Problem.

Watch our Medical Device Warranty Audit and Tracking overview and learn how SpendMend can help you construct a seamless process for warranty tracking while avoiding costly fees and penalties.

Hospital Medical Device Self Assessment Tool


There is a Solution —
And It’s Easy

SpendMend is with you every step of the way. We provide a solution to automate in-depth reviews of critical warranty data, while at the same time, providing the support you may need to manage through every step of your process!


Medical Device Explant Warranty Credit Tracking Overview

Here’s What You Get When Working With
SpendMend’s Medical Device Warranty Solution


Risk Assessment Through Audit


Risk Tracking & Compliance Through Audit


Solution Reconciliation


Audit & Recovery

The Benefits of Using SpendMend to Manage Your Medical Device Warranties

Bottom Line Recovery

Clients receive credits and guidance to repay government agencies

Vendor Resolution

SpendMend resolves open items with the vendor on the client’s behalf

Strong Controls

Clients adopt strong controls to coordinate roles among departments

End-to-End Tracking

SpendMend tracks the device through the entire vendor process

Monthly Reconciliations

Clients gain monthly access to audit and tracking reports and summaries

Eliminate Risk

Clients see a drastic reduction in penalties, fees, and wasted resources