Sales & Use Tax Audit
Are You Sure Your Hospital Is Keeping Up
With All Of Its Tax Requirements?
Determining taxability on purchased items and services within the healthcare industry can be a confusing and time-consuming effort. Every state has its own unique complicated tax requirements and they seem to change all the time. Failing to uphold the standards can lead to millions of dollars in loss and countless hours of non value-add labor trying to reconcile accounts.
Managing Tax Complexity
Watch our Sales & Use Tax Audit overview video to better understand the challenges you face trying to keep up with complex tax laws which vary greatly from state to state.
Sales & Use Tax
The SpendMend Solution
SpendMend is ready to take on the burden of navigating these extensive and ever-changing rules. We analyze the taxes paid to vendors and taxing authorities to identify refund opportunities, validate that all exemptions or credits have been claimed, and negotiate and secure tax refunds. Ultimately the SpendMend Sales & Use Tax Solution will help you to:

Identify Issues & Opportunities

Update Your Item Master

Recover Tax Over Payments

Sales & Use Tax Overview
Here's What You Get When Working With SpendMend's Sales & Use Tax Solution
Expert Advocacy
Representation with the State Tax Authority during a Sales & Use Tax audit
Quarterly Review of Payments
A quarterly review of sales taxes that
have been paid to distributors
Analytics On All Overpayments
Metrics and analytics on overpayments
for every category and service
Item Master Review and Clean-Up
Thorough review and assessement of the hospital's item master
Strong Controls
Control recommendations to prevent
future overpayments and errors
Negotiation Support
Support with dispute settlements related
to mis-interpretations and errors.
The Benefits of Using SpendMend's
Sales & Use Tax Solution
Bottom Line Dollars
Clients recoup over-paid taxes and
prevents future payment errors
A Cleaned-Up Item Master
SpendMend cleans the file and performs on-going analysis and maintenance
Peace of Mind
SpendMend simplifies the management
of an otherwise complex process
Acquire Knowledge
SpendMend trains client staff on best practices and next steps
Access to the Right Answers
SpendMend is an advocate that you can count on and call upon
Eliminate Risk & Exposure
Clients reduce the risk for overpayments, penalties, fees and waste
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