Profit Recovery
Are You Doing Everything You Can To End Financial Leakage?
Many organizations within the healthcare industry suffer significant financial leakage. The problem persists because hospitals and health systems face constant organizational change while managing highly complex internal environments in an effort to remain compliant with controls and regulations.

Unfortunately, these organizations lose millions of dollars annually due to avoidable errors. This unchecked loss of bottom line revenue persists due to lack of visibility, operational inefficiency and resource mismanagement. SpendMend can help.
Over 150 Major U.S. Health Systems Use SpendMend Profit Recovery
Watch our Recovery Audit overview video and discover how SpendMend can help you to gain more insights and visibility into your hospital’s entire procure-to-pay process.
5 Reasons to Select a SpendMend Recovery Audit
Recovery Audit Overview
Here's What You Get When Working With SpendMend Profit Recovery
Duplicate Payment Review
Proprietary searches to uncover and
validate duplicate payments
Supplier Statement Audit
Automated outreach and OCR to ensure maximum statement credits
Contract Compliance
Price-change monitoring to help ensure contractual terms
24/7 Portal Access
24/7 access into an online portal
for visibility into results and reports
Complete Reporting & Analysis
A robust suite of reports from day one to drive improvements
Offsite and Efficient
Offsite workforce will not require
client staff, time or resources
The Benefits of Using SpendMend to Stop Your Financial Leakage
Industry Leading Recovery
SpendMend delivers $1.25M per every $1B spent in annual AP disbursements
Visibility & Insight
SpendMend delivers in-depth Root-Cause Analysis for all claims
Future Loss Prevention
SpendMend clients enjoy a 59%
rate-of-error reduction within 2 years
Improved Processes
Hospitals report steep process
improvements due to SpendMend
Time Savings
Hospitals reduce resource drain through SpendMend's recommendations
Negotiating Leverage
Hospitals negotiate more favorable
terms by leveraging audit insights
You Can't Afford To Wait
Common Questions
Illuminate Your Dark Data
An overview of the Procure to Pay Recovery Audit Service offered to hospitals and healthcare system from SpendMend.
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