SpendMend Pharmacy 340B Optimization & Growth

If you’re like most Covered Entities, you’re probably very concerned about remaining compliant with the 340B optimization program. Did you know you’re leaving money on the table? You can optimize your 340B spend and save significant dollars.

SpendMend Pharmacy delivers industry-leading Optimization and Growth solutions to 340B Covered Entities (CE’s). Our team of over 30 pharmacy experts work with clients to customize the right sequence of solutions to help reduce costs and optimize savings in your 340B Program.

Bottom Line Impact

SpendMend Pharmacy consistently reduces annual drug spend for our clients by an average of 3%. The percentage of savings varies based on annual spend volume, but wherever your CE lands on the chart below, the dollars are significant.


Annual Drug Spend

Average Savings


$0 – $2.5M



$2.5M – $10M


Medium – High

$10M -$20M



> $20M


*This data of realized savings was compiled from actual client engagements over the past 24 months

Why CE’s Choose SpendMend Pharmacy for 340B Optimization

Drive an average of 3% savings on your annual drug spend

Work with the industry leader in spend optimization

Gain insight on the best practices of leading pharmacies

Benefit from a combined 250 years of pharmacy experience

SpendMend Pharmacy 340B Optimization Program

What We Do and What Your Covered Entity Will Receive:

340B Hospital/Clinic Spend Opportunity

In-depth evaluation on opportunities to move purchasing to GPO or 340B accounts.

Step Two
Step Two

340B Contract Pharmacy Optimization

Recommendations to maximize contract pharmacy network and qualifying claims.

Step Three
Step Three

Clinic Conversion

Conversion of clinics (under the hospital) to maximize future 340B savings.

Step Four
Step Four

Pharmacotherapy Clinic Creation

Creation of pharmacist 340B-eligible clinics to take referrals from non-340B-eligible clinics.

Contract Pharmacy Expansion

Expansion of contract pharmacy networks to maximize qualifying prescriptions.

Step Two
Step Two

Site of Care Infusion Strategies

Evaluation and recommendation strategies to maximize infusions across many CE’s.

Step Three
Step Three

Apexus Contract Compliance

Review and confirmation that CE’s are taking advantage of Apexus contracts.
Step Four
Step Four

Referral Capture

Compliantly capture prescriptions written at non-340B clinics who were referred by CE-eligible clinics/providers.

Getting Started

To get started, you only need to provide our team access to your wholesaler and 340B TPA portal. We perform all work offsite, taking care to limit time and resources required of you and your staff. The best part of it all, your hospital/clinic will never be invoiced until you actually realize the savings from our solution.

SpendMend Pharmacy – Professional Services
“The 340B Optimization project has been nothing short of a windfall for my drug spend. Every week, it seems, we unlock a new area of significant savings. I regret waiting a year to get started.”
Director of Pharmacy, West Coast, $27M in annual drug spend

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