Pharmacy buyers purchase pharmaceuticals that are vital for patient care and the successful operations of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. However, buyers generally do not have sophisticated tools to help with their critical and costly purchasing tasks. They must remember or search to find the approved formulary drugs and scroll through long, convoluted lists of NDCs attempting to select the right product. The purchasing process is cumbersome, inexact and leads to elevated costs due to selection errors, missed discounts, shortages, and inefficient operations.

To solve these problems, SpendMend offers Trulla – the healthcare industry’s only software solution to simplify and secure a process that enables buyers to select the right NDC every time while saving FTE hours and greatly reducing costs in the process.

Trulla is a cloud-based application – built by health-system pharmacy professionals – that enables a health system to manage pharmacy ordering, for all locations, in one system. The multi-tenant portal allows buyers to easily drive compliance to contracts, preferred NDC, and suppliers across all pharmacy spend, including 340B eligible purchases.

Features of Pharmacy Procurement Software

Pricing Updates
Receive daily price updates from many vendors, including wholesalers
Shortage Tracking
Track and manage medication shortages impacting your system over time
Medication Transfers
Set up internal suppliers to provide medications across your health system
340B Integration
Integrate with split-billing software to ensure 340B compliance
System-Wide Inventory
Integrate inventory devices for system-wide, facility specific ordering
Consolidated Service Center (CSC)
Facilitate ordering to and from a CSC throughout the health system
Responsive Design
Manage purchasing process from your desktop, tablet, and/or phone
Single-System Ordering
Auto-route orders to the correct supplier and NDC from a single cart
Cloud-Based Portal
Access the system in a secure, multi-tenant, online portal from anywhere

Benefits of Pharmacy Procurement Software

Formulary Compliance
Ensure buyers purchase the right drug and package/NDC from the right source
340B Compliance
Ensure compliance to the 340B Program as you move medications across facilities
Optimized Inventory
Optimize inventory levels, manage shortages, and reduce expired medications
Simplified Access
Access the entire health system with every pharmaceutical delivery location in one place
User Management
Assign and manage roles, and permissions for each individual and/or user types
Supplier Compliance
Improve compliance by steering to approved suppliers
NDC Compliance
Drive purchasing to contacted and preferred NDC’s
Order Assurance
Route orders to internal locations, supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer
CSC Optimization
Maximize economies of scale for your Consolidated Service Center



SpendMend  Presents – Trulla

Watch our Trulla overview and learn about the healthcare industry’s only end-to-end pharmacy procurement software.

Maximize Your Pharmacy Cost Savings

There are a lot of reasons to consider pharmaceutical procurement software and cost savings is a big one. Most of our customers save between 4-6% of their annual pharmaceutical spend. Whether it’s NDC standardization, price variance monitoring, packaging, compounding, low unit-of-measure distribution, or strategic buys, we can help you find and capture your cost savings opportunities.

About Us

Our team has lived in your shoes. We’ve worked in hospital pharmacies, and we have a diverse set of backgrounds in pharmacy operations, compliance, finance, supply chain, and more. We work hard every day to deliver meaningful solutions to pharmacy professionals everywhere.

Momentum with Clients

$5.5B Not-For-Profit Health System In The Southeastern U.S.

  • Went live with Trulla Analytics Software in March
  • Identified $14M in Potential Savings Opportunity on a $200M Drug Spend
  • Now implementing Trulla Analytics Software for clinic ordering

“This is too valuable” – Pharmacy Manager

$8B Non-Profit Health System In The Western U.S.

  • Pilot Sites savings between 3.27% and 5.06% when placing McKesson orders through Trulla compared to 0.40% when not ordering on Trulla
  • Now expanding McKesson ordering via Trulla to additional hospitals

“I love ordering through Trulla. We’ve saved all this money, but I can’t take any credit for it because Trulla has made it happen.” – Pharmacy Buyer