Pharmacy Spend Analytics & Optimization
Gain new insight into your pharmacy spend and fix the problems
Reverse Financial Leakage in the Pharmacy
Pharmaceuticals spend is among the largest non-labor spend categories within a health system. It consists of thousands of medications, even more NDC’s, hundreds of contracts and manufacturers, and dozens of suppliers. As such, it is difficult optimize pharmacy spend.

 SpendMend Pharmacy delivers the industry’s most complete Analytics and Optimization solution. We combine the power of our Trulla software platform and our team of over 30 pharmacy experts to help our clients reduce costs and optimize savings.
Pharmacy Spend Analytics
Your Self Service Approach
Leverage Trulla by SpendMend Pharmacy to attain best-in-class purchasing analytics on your annual pharmaceutical spend. Use this advanced platform to optimize the way you monitor trends, develop forecasts, identify opportunities, and more.
Most health systems have hundreds of unknown pharmacy cost savings opportunities. TRULLA analytics software finds and prioritizes the biggest opportunities for you.
Trulla Analytics Software Features:

Interactive, user-friendly, intuitive interface

Strong security and role-based permission

Access to price changes and impacts to budget

A robust, day-one reporting suite with drill down capabilities.

Automatic updates and data feeds from your suppliers

Recognition of preferred NDC's with respect to 340B/WAC/GPO mix

Trulla Analytics Software Delivers:

An actionable path to significant bottom-line cost savings

Trends and forecasts for all your medications and purchases

Insight into upcoming price increases (and decreases)

Simplified visibility into price variances across your accounts

A significant reduction in WAC purchasing

New and impactful opportunities to standardize NDC's

Pharmacy Spend Optimization
Your Self Service Approach
The Trulla Software analytics platform can take you very far, but many of our clients are looking for more..
Your Self Service Approach
Price Parity
Review wholesale spend for all purchasing accounts within a system to ensure consistent best available contract pricing
Analytics, insights, and operational support to convert reference products to their biosimilar
Historical Price Spikes
Analytics and insights into price spikes to reverse unnecessary costs and prevent unnecessary over-spending
Price Fluctuations
Tools to anticipate future price fluctuations to optimize pharmacy costs
NDC Optimization
Analytics and insights for lower cost NDC alternatives of the same drug
Unit Dose (UD) to Pre-Packaging Opportunities
Review commercial UD spend and recommend savings opportunities where appropriate. (Bi-directional analysis)
Analysis of GPO rates and utilization percentages to drive better COGS and ensure optimal compliance with GPO contracts
Sales & Use Tax
Evaluation and analysis to determine if pharmacy is overpaying sales and use taxes
Rebate/Contract Review
Evaluation and analysis to determine if hospitals are pursuing earned rebates from contract terms
Consignment Opportunity
Evaluation and analysis of consignment fees to help hospitals refine their consignment strategy
Why Top Pharmacies Use SpendMend Trulla for Analytics
  • Drive an average of 4-6% savings on your annual drug spend
  • Gain insight on the best practices of leading pharmacies
  • Benefit from a combined 250 years of pharmacy experience
  • Work with the industry leader in spend optimization
  • Getting Started Is Easy
    SpendMend offers Trulla Software, a best-in-class, easy to use, online portal to deliver end-to-end visibility into your pharmacy's annual spend.
    There is no limit to what you can do when you have a clear understanding of where the dollars are actually going.
    SpendMend Mission
    At SpendMend, we strive to help hospitals improve patient care through the delivery of innovative cost savings solutions, insightful transaction analysis, and improved visibility across business relationships.
    “We knew all these strategies, Price Parity, Price Spikes, Unit Dose, Biosimilars… We knew it, we just didn’t have the time to put it all into motion. SpendMend brings a team of experts and showed us how much we could save. It’s staggering”
    Pharmacy Leader - Nationwide, non-profit health system, $330M in annual drug spend.
    Momentum with Clients
  • Went live with Trulla's Analytics in March
  • Identified $14M in Potential Savings Opportunity on a $200M Drug Spend
  • Now implementing Trulla's Software for clinic ordering

  • "This is too valuable" - Tim Walker, RPh, Pharmacy Manager
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