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Vendor Management Services

Capture the Value of Your Vendor Relationships

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Imagine having a trusted resource helping you to keep your data current, complete, optimized, and accurate.  We don’t take your time we give it back.

SpendMend VMS Enables You to Take Better Control of Critical Procedures for Key Targeted Vendors:

1. Unrecorded Liabilities

SpendMend reviews your paid history, your open aging reports, and your vendors’ receivables to identify unpaid invoices (for targeted vendors) with unrecorded liabilities that have aged past 90 days.

2. Received Not Invoiced (RNI) 

SpendMend reviews and investigates open items on your Received and Not Invoiced (RNI) report to assist you in the reconciliation of transactions that have aged greater than 90 days.

3. Vendor Master Records 

SpendMend provides an in-depth review of your vendor master records to sanitize inaccurate data and augment missing data while at the same time, helping you to identify and properly reclassify aged and duplicated vendors.  

4. Working Capital Optimization 

SpendMend provides reporting on payment terms, payment days, credit days, and more. SpendMend applies benchmarking to help you drive working capital enhancements including optimized payment vehicles (ACH, Credit Card), prompt payment opportunities, discount applications, and more.

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