SpendMend and the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality Enter Into Partnership

Leading Recovery Audit and Accreditation providers join forces to drive value into Hospitals to help elevate patient care.

​SpendMend, the leading provider of cost recovery and audit solutions in the healthcare industry, announced today it is partnering with the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ). The nation’s newest accreditation provider is a membership-based organization headquartered in McKinney, TX.  The CIHQ is dedicated to helping hospitals improve the quality of care and provides the tools and support hospitals need in a collegial, educational, and cost-effective manner.

The two organizations are working together to deliver quality educational content for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to learn strategies and remain compliant with daunting external regulations and complex internal controls.

“We have long admired the mission of CIHQ,” states Dan Geelhoed, CEO of SpendMend, “to create a regulatory environment that enables healthcare organizations to effectively deliver safe, quality patient care.”

“SpendMend is a perfect partner for CIHQ,” offers Traci Curtis, Executive Director Survey Operations at CIHQ. “Where we are focused on the external environment impacting the Hospital, SpendMend places their emphasis on optimizing the internal operations of the organization.”

The partnership kicks off with a Quality Content Series for members of CIHQ focused on helping compliance professionals understand the complex expectations of CMS while managing Medical Device Warranty Claims. CIHQ members will have access to a white paper on this topic as well, as webinars on other critical topics to follow.

In addition, SpendMend has made an online resource available for CIHQ members to run a self-assessment against their existing Medical Device Warranty Audit Tracking Process to assess their process while benchmarking their quality against other similar hospitals. Clients can use the free tool to discover any process breakdowns and assess their risk.

Upcoming Webinar

Jan. 14, 2019, @ 1 p.m. EDT / Webinar / Title: “What you need to know about the OIG audit in 2020” – Former C-Level officer at Spectrum Health, Al Brander MBA, BSN, RN, FACHE and a panel of healthcare experts discuss CMS expectations and the OIG’s promise to deliver Congress $1 B=billion in fines from hospitals not meeting the expectations relating to Medical Device credits and reimbursement through 2020. Can your hospital afford a $14 million fine?

About CIHQ

The Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) is a membership-based organization comprised of over 300 acute care and critical access hospitals across the United States.  Member organizations enjoy a comprehensive program of web-based and other support services designed to help them be successful in their accreditation and certification compliance efforts. CIHQ is also recognized as a deeming-authority by CMS for acute care and long-term acute care hospitals.

About SpendMend

SpendMend, is the leading provider of cost-saving solutions in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to provide enhanced visibility into the procure-to-pay cycle while leveraging our in-depth industry expertise, gathered over 25 years of serving the industry, to identify the root cause of financial leakage and provide actionable insights to help hospitals and health systems prevent profit loss.

Media Contact: Amanda Geelhoed Papach, ageelhoed@spendmend.com