Written By: Amanda Geelhoed Papach, Marketing Director

Seven years ago I was tasked with finding a way for our employees to give back to our clients. The same week that I was given this project Super Storm Sandy hit the east coast. There was a nationwide call for blood donations. While I sat in the chair donating blood, I spoke with the nurse who said they have a traveling bus that can go anywhere for donations. This was a light bulb epiphany moment for me.

Our first corporate blood drive was held in a bus outside our old office building. Our goal was to collect 15 units. That February morning the bus arrived, and then, in true Michigan fashion the heavens opened with a polar vortex of snow. Local high schools cancelled class at noon, our employees went home early, and not a soul was walking around the city. That day we collected 10 units and 18 inches of snow. I was sad that we missed our goal, but our donation manager was so excited. I didn’t understand why she was so happy. We failed, we missed the goal. She was excited because we saved 30 lives. Those ten donations were given to local hospitals to save lives.

Now, my sister, Hannah Geelhoed, heads up all community outreach events for SpendMend. She has grown our outreach to new levels (check out the Bee Brave 5k) with the support of the incredible SpendMend team. I am so pleased to announce the latest blood drive surpassed the company goal of 18 pints and the Red Cross goal of 21 pints. Drum Roll Please…We hit 25 pints saving 75 lives!!!

I could not be more honored to work for a company that supports all aspects of healthcare from finance through patient care. It’s not very often you see a conglomeration of auditors, callers, HR, and executives saving lives. Thank you to all employees who donated.

SpendMend blood drives are now open to the community as well. If you are in the Grand Rapids area our next drive will be held January 6, 2020 at our corporate headquarters located at 2680 New Horizon Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Sign-up for a specific time here and type in sponsor code BSI. We look forward to saving more lives with you!

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