How is SpendMend just like St. Patrick’s Day?

by Michael Koory, SpendMend, VP Sales – Mid-America

Today marks St. Patty’s Day (a.k.a. the Feast of Saint Patrick) which is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated every year on 17th of March in Ireland and by Irish communities around the world.

Over the centuries, the mythology surrounding the life of Saint Patrick has become ever more ingrained in the Irish culture.  Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is credited with expelling all the snakes from Ireland when he was only 28 years old, and today, not a single snake can be found in Ireland.

O’Floinn’s Almanac of Irish Legends and Fables, recounts a poem from 5th Century AD:

  • Saint Pádraig (St Patrick) was set upon and bitten by serpents while deep in forty-day prayer atop a hill.
  • Saint Pádraig rose up from his dream state and recited an ancient incantation and stunned the offending creatures.  
  • Saint Pádraig traveled the country, charming serpents from their darkest hiding places, and brought them into the light of day.    
  • Saint Pádraig cast a great light upon the writhing mass.  The Great Saint drove Serpents into the sea.
  • Saint Pádraig gave Ireland the secret to his light so they would never again be threatened by the scourge of serpent beasts. 

Some of the old Irish translation is hard to understand so I’ll summarize:

Patrick was suffering and under attack and he solved his problem by leveraging his 28 years of education and study.  He shined a great light into the darkest holes throughout Ireland, and he rid the landscape of all the unwanted snakes and serpents.  He then armed the leaders of Ireland with the necessary information to defend themselves and ensure they would not be overrun by Serpents ever again!

At SpendMend we approach Recovery Auditing in exactly the same way!  Observe:

Our clients are suffering from Financial Leakage and we solve their problem by leveraging our 28 years of industry knowledge.  We shine a great light on the DARK DATA hiding in our client’s systems and databases and we help to rid our clients of all their unwanted profit loss.  We then arm the leadership of our clients with all the necessary information to defend themselves and ensure they will not be overrun by financial leakage again!

The parallels are amazing.

For more information on O’Floinn’s Almanac of Irish Legends and Fables, please mark your calendar for 15 days from now.

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Erin go bragh!