Why Is Your Process For Reporting Medical Device Credits Falling Short?

Written by: Joe Heminger, Business Development Manager

So, why is your process for reporting medical device credits falling short?
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) performed a review of cardiac device credits to determine whether hospitals complied with Medicare requirements for reporting manufacturer credits associated with recalled or prematurely failed cardiac devices.
In November 2020 OIG issued a report detailing that for every 3,233 of the 6,558 Medicare claims that were reviewed, hospitals likely did not comply with Medicare requirements associated with reporting manufacturer credits for recalled or prematurely failed cardiac medical devices.
OIG concluded that hospitals would continue to struggle with compliance because of the following consistent areas of difficulty:

  • Billing Systems – Health billing systems are not consistently updated to reflect the changes from 2014 regarding new condition and value codes. Hospitals that have made updates to their systems are not using the code when updating the UB-O4 on original or resubmitted claims.
  • Lack of Written Policies and Procedures – Health systems either have inadequate or non-existent written policies and procedures or do not enforce the current policies that are in place.
  • Insufficient Communication – Health systems suffer from a lack of interdepartmental communication when receiving reportable claims. The audits show that hospitals are submitting25% of the credits on time from the original claim and 81% on the 90-day resubmission.
  • Inadequate Compliance Testing – Health systems lack internal resources and/or expertise.  In addition, they are far too inconsistent at collecting the data both from the facility and the vendors.
  • Vendor Involvement – Health systems relied upon the vendor to manage the device return and credit process which resulted in gaps.

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