Comprehensive Cost Cycle Savings

Purchased services agreements account for up to 50% of your organization’s non-labor spend. Hiding within these agreements is the potential for major cost savings. Unfortunately, most cost analysis solutions are manual and produce limited results. Finding the right solution will improve operating efficiency and patient experience, while also, unlocking unparalleled cost savings for your hospital. SpendMend Purchased Services, powered by VIE Healthcare Consulting is the perfect solution.

The Recognized Leader in Healthcare

For over two decades, VIE Healthcare (a SpendMend Company) has been the recognized leader in healthcare costs, hospital purchased services, healthcare benchmarking, supply chain management, and performance improvement. Since the company’s founding, they have generated nearly $1 Billion in non-labor cost savings and revenue improvements for hospitals and health systems.

An Expert Opinion…

Lisa Miller, founder of VIE Healthcare Consulting discusses the cost savings potential in your purchased services agreements


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Purchased services spend can comprise as much as 40-50% of a hospital’s non-labor costs and represents millions in annual cost savings potential. Leading hospitals and healthcare systems have developed strategies to monitor and manage the high volume of supplier contracts.

IT cost reduction is a priority for hospitals and health systems faced with increasingly complex proposals and vendor contracts relating to IT. Leading healthcare systems implement strategies to maximize margin improvement opportunities across the many different categories of their IT spend.

The operating room accounts for up to 70% of a hospital’s revenue, up to 65% of its margins and 50% of a hospital’s costs. An efficient operating room enhances patient satisfaction and ensures quality patient care while significantly reducing waste.

The growing utility of hospital spend analytics presents an excellent opportunity for new cost-effective approaches. Health systems, supply chains, and patient care facilities investing in spend analytics, can optimize hospital costs and expenditures to improve profits and eradicate bad debt.

SpendMend illuminates purchased services spending across your entire healthcare system by categorizing your total monthly spend across hundreds of categories to uncover savings, so you can reduce the overall cost of operations for your entire healthcare organization.

Benchmarking is a comparison and measurement of a healthcare organization's performance against other healthcare organizations. It provides leaders with insight to help them understand how their organization compares with similar organizations that provide the same services.


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Physician preference items (PPIs) are often comprised of the most expensive products ordered by hospitals and can have a negative impact on your hospital’s operating margins. Successful healthcare organizations know how to optimize the purchasing process for every PPI product.

IT cost reduction is a priority for hospitals and health systems faced with increasingly complex proposals and vendor contracts relating to IT. Leading healthcare systems implement strategies to maximize margin improvement opportunities across the many different categories of their IT spend.

Supply chain management for hospitals regularly requires expertise and experience. Health systems depend on top supply chain services for medical device procurement, shipment needs, and vendor relationships. With the right supply chain services, healthcare providers can develop a competitive advantage.

Healthcare analytics and data management are key areas that have benefited from the recent wave of automation technology solutions in healthcare. Improved data accuracy, better monitoring and evaluation, and overall efficiency are some of the advancements brought about with automation.


Physician Preference Items – A Cost Saving Strategy For Your Hospital

Purchased Services & Cost Optimization Features:

Advisory Services

Strategic cost advisory services to the C-suite and supply chain

Contracting Strategy

Creation of a direct contracting strategy with major costs savings opportunities

Expert Advice

Training and mentorship for key personnel to make better purchasing decisions

Comprehensive Plan

Development of a comprehensive 2-Year strategic cost-savings plan

End-to-End Engagement

Engagement throughout the entire organization in a cost strategy

Ongoing Support

Assistance and support in the execution of your strategic buying Initiatives

The Benefits of Using SpendMend Purchased Services

Varied Opportunities

Identify a wide and varied selection of cost savings opportunities

Insight & Visibility

Gain new insights and visibility into your system’s spend data analytics

Complete Evaluation

Quickly and completely evaluate complex agreements and/or services

Rapid Savings

Rapidly Implement your cost savings strategy across multiple categories

Utilization & Standardization

Improve your system’s utilization, standardization & value analysis

Improved Terms

Improve negotiation with vendors on new expected pricing and terms

How Do You Assess the Performance of Your Hospital?

In today’s healthcare world, assessing your costs, your operating room financials and your marketing is the key to improvement and growth, especially in healthcare. At VIE Healthcare we have worked with some of the leading data scientists in the world to develop the following three assessments for you:

Cost Assessment

O.R. Financial Assessment

Marketing Assessment

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