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More Than Recovery

SpendMend’s comprehensive services cover a wide variety of categories within Cost Cycle Management. Whether it is Contract Management, Pharmacy or complicated Tax Analysis, our team can tailor a plan to fit your individual needs while providing additional cost savings and improved operating efficiencies.

Spend Visibility Through Recovery Audit

We offer a proven suite of analytics that provides actionable insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions that save money and improve operations. SpendMend uses insights from your organization and vendor landscape to help you retain more revenue and deliver unparalleled views into your spend data. Because of our elite data mining capabilities and experience with commercial businesses, higher education, and large health systems, we can pin point the control gaps and provide opportunities for improvement.

Recovery Audit

Along with your recovery audit, we return time. We deploy a proven 5-step process that yields more than lost revenue. Our Accounts Payable Recovery Audit provides actionable insight into improvements and root cause of the leakage.

Contract Compliance

As part of a complete review, we provide our clients with a holistic view of the supplier relationship and provide insights to improve the contracting process. We stay on top of controlling and monitoring price-changes, in addition to adhering to contract terms and conditions so that you don’t have to face the challenges that pester so many organizations. The use our in-depth knowledge of data, our understanding of the entire Procure to Pay process, and a comprehensive review of all negotiated contract terms ensures that our clients are receiving the economic benefit they deserve.

Sales & Use Tax

Determining taxability on purchased items and services within the healthcare industry can be a confusing and time-consuming effort. Our team is ready to take on the burden of navigating these extensive and ever-changing rules, to ultimately, identify issues, update your item master, and recover excise and sales & use tax over-payments. We analyze 100% of all tax paid to vendors and taxing authorities to identify refund opportunities, validate that all exemptions or credits have been claimed, and negotiate and secure tax refunds.

Wireless Phone Management

Management of handheld wireless devices and contracts is fraught with daily headaches and challenges such as: personnel changes, rate management, and international travel. These are just a few of the challenges you face, and maybe this isn’t even your full-time job. Our wireless account management team can remove the burden of the daily hassles and provide you with clean monthly reporting of how smoothly your devices are being managed. We can even look for savings with other wireless or digital services.

Medical Device Audit and Tracking Service

Medical devices like pacemakers occasionally fail and must be replaced. The replaced device must be returned to the manufacture, so the cause of failure can be determined. If a device fails while under warranty a credit is issued to the hospital. If the credit amount greater than 50% of the device, it must be returned to the payer. Failure to follow these regulations can result in financial fines and penalties to the hospital.

SpendMend provides the markets only 360-degree solution for managing a hospitals warranty program. Starting with an audit assessment of your current process to determine risk. Recover any credits due the hospital and assist in re-paying the payers. End to end tracking that is managed by SpendMend to track the device through the vendor process. If credits are due, we work with your staff to make sure they are collected from the vendor and issued to the payer if appropriate. We build a device packet for every explant and do monthly reconciliations with your vendors to make sure none are missed.

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