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Profit Recovery

Are you doing everything you can to end financial leakage?

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Over 75% of the Top U.S. IDN's use SpendMend Recovery


Watch our Profit Recovery overview video and discover how SpendMend can help you to gain more insights and visibility into your hospital’s entire procure-to-pay process.

The Features of the SpendMend Recovery Solution

Duplicate Payment Review

Proprietary searches to uncover and validate duplicate payments

Supplier Statement Audit

Automated outreach and OCR to ensure maximum statement credits

Contract Compliance

Price-change monitoring to help ensure contractual terms

24/7 Portal Access

24/7 access into an online portal for visibility into results and reports

Complete Reporting & Analysis

A robust suite of reports from day one to drive improvements

Offsite and Efficient

Offsite workforce will not require client staff, time or resources

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The SpendMend Difference: More Recoveries & Lasting Results

Based on input from over 250 Healthcare Systems since 1995:

  1. Hospitals suffer losses of $1.25M per every $1B in annual spend
  2. Unrecovered credits are frequently removed from the financial record over time
  3. SpendMend empirically out-recovers all other competitive solutions
  4. SpendMend’s insights help clients to demonstrably reduce errors over time

The Benefits of Using SpendMend to Stop Your Financial Leakage

Industry Leading Recovery

SpendMend delivers $1.25M per every $1B spent in annual AP disbursements

Visibility & Insight

SpendMend delivers in-depth Root-Cause Analysis for all claims

Future Loss Prevention

SpendMend clients enjoy a 59% rate-of-error reduction within 2 years

Improved Processes

Hospitals report steep process improvements due to SpendMend

Time Savings

Hospitals reduce resource drain through SpendMend's recommendations

Negotiating Leverage

Hospitals negotiate more favorable terms by leveraging audit insights

Gain Insights and Visibility Through Profit Recovery

We offer a proven suite of analytics that provides actionable insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions that save money and improve operations. SpendMend uses insights from your organization as well as from your vendor population to help you retain more revenue while gaining unparalleled visibility into your spend data. Because of our elite capabilities we can pinpoint control gaps and provide opportunities for improvement.

SpendMend By The Numbers. A Tradition Of Excellence!

Years Leading the Healthcare Industry
Percent Of the Top 50 Healthcare Networks
Million Dollars Delivered to Our Clients in the Past Year
Thousand Suppliers in Our Supplier Network

What our clients are saying

  • SpendMend’s innovative process appears to leave no stone unturned and has identified and recovered significant dollars.

    Controller - Regional Health System
  • The SpendMend Client Portal allows me to review claims whenever I want – 24 hours a day – on my schedule; and without receiving stacks of paper, which makes the distance between our offices no problem

    Controller, Regional Health System
  • Not only did failures in a previous audit firm’s process result in lower recovery, but also some of the ‘claimed’ recovery dollars had to be paid back to vendors due to rejections. SpendMend has worked with vendors to ensure accurate, valid, approved claims; with better results.

    Manager, Accounts Payable, Medical Center, Northern US
  • SpendMend is a non-intrusive asset and great to work with; they build relationships with their clients and truly understand the Procure-to-Pay process.

    Material Manager, Midwest Healthcare Organization
  • If our team is finding money from recovery audits then I know there are many other non-profit hospital systems that would find value in executing this work as well.

    SCM Manager of Large Midwest IDN
  • I think the SpendMend staff is top notch and very professional and very knowledgeable. I work hand in hand with your people and I think you have great people and a great culture.

    Director of Finance, $11B/8500 Bed Healthcare System

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