Hello and Happy Friday everyone! For the first 2022 Employee Spotlight edition, we are shining a light on Cameron Manning! Cameron is an Auditor and has been a part of the SpendMend team for about six months. When asked what three words describe SpendMend to him, he states, “Welcoming, Engaging, and Collaborative.” Cameron is motivated by the set company goals, and contributing is what makes him most excited to work! A fun fact about Cameron is that he used to work as a football official! He has played football his whole life, all through high school, so it was a great way to stay involved in the sport! He also enjoys that it gives back to the community. Cameron’s favorite part about being a football official was the camaraderie he shared with his fellow officials in the crew! Make sure to check out the full interview below where Cameron shares his experience with an overtime game! Outside of work, Cameron loves to play golf! Only recently starting a year ago, he is still fairly new to the game. Cameron explains, “The most challenging part about learning to play is just trying to focus on certain things to get better at rather than trying to just get better at golf as a whole.” Another fun fact about Cameron is that he has traveled to almost all 50 states in the U.S! His interest in traveling started with his grandparents taking him on trips from a young age. A state Cameron has not visited is Utah, and it’s on his bucket list because he would love to visit Zion National Park! His favorite state he has visited so far is Alaska. Cameron loved experiencing all the beautiful wildlife and scenery! If anyone needs any travel recommendations in the U.S, Cameron is the guy to talk to!

Cameron is a great Auditor, and we had several of his co-workers express how they value him on the team. Nick Mercier, Audit Supervisor, said “Cam is a hardworking, success-driven, loyal Michigan Wolverine fan who shows up each day ready to maximize every opportunity given to him.” It was great getting to know a little more about Cameron and we really appreciate all the hard work he does!


Interview with Cameron

What is your role at SpendMend?


How long have you been with SpendMend?

Around 6 Months

How did you first learn about SpendMend?


What 3 words would you use to describe SpendMend?

Welcoming, Engaging, and Collaborative

Why do you look forward to coming to work?

I look forward to contributing to the company goals we have set. SpendMend ensures that all employees are important in reaching those goals, so to come to work every day and contribute is why I look forward to coming to work.

Before working at SpendMend, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Football Official

Any fun/interesting story you would like to share?

A fun story that I have in recent memory was last season I had my first Overtime game for Holland Christian vs Hamilton varsity game. It ended in a goal-line stand and the team and student section rushed the field. What made fun was just being part of that atmosphere as well as experiencing my first overtime game.

What is one fun fact about you?

I have traveled to most of the states in the U.S.

What type of music or podcasts do you listen to during the workday?

I love to listen to a lot of famous comedians’ podcasts during the workday.

Do you have any hobbies or participate in any activities outside of work?

I love to play a round of golf on the weekends, or sometimes after work go play a quick 9.

Can you describe an interaction when you helped a client or a supplier that stands out in your mind?

Nothing in particular stands out in mind, however, most of my interactions with suppliers are good as they are happy that I’m working to fix some of these aged issues that have been lingering around for awhile.

What was the best compliment you’ve ever been paid by a client or supplier?

The best compliment I have received from a vendor was she mentioned how she admired my patience and resourcefulness when working with her to figure how what was causing an issue.

What is the best part of serving the healthcare market?

Knowing how big the healthcare market is, being able to make a difference for the hospitals to help better serve the patients.

What has been your experience with SpendMend community service events?

I have limited experience with the community service events with how short I have been with the company, but in this short time, I have noticed how so many people are involved in the community.

What is your favorite in house event? (specific potluck, chili cook-off, bring your kid to work day, etc.)

Again, with my short time at the company and with most people still working remotely, these types of events have been limited. However, the company outing at the Whitecaps has been my favorite so far!

Do you want to shout out a co-worker who has helped or inspired you at SpendMend?

Tim Jacobs was my trainer when I first came to SpendMend, and we still continue to work every day together if we run into any issues.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates who want to join the SpendMend team?

My advice to any candidate is to don’t be afraid to ask questions as everyone is more than willing to help, and if they don’t know the answer right away, they will find someone who does.

What has been your proudest accomplishment at SpendMend?

My proudest accomplishment was being able to make an impact right away in reaching our company goals.

What is something you’re looking forward to for your future at SpendMend?

I look forward to broadening my knowledge and gaining more experience as an auditor.

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